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House of the Photomonk

Photography Portfolio: It's about playing with filters and light and infrared film. Or about not only seeing what a musician does, but feeling it as well. Or catching something slightly different, or unusual, or captivating in my visual world. I invite you to tour the portfolio to get a sense of how I see.

Susan Tedeschi Paramecium Pond Wellesley Oars

Photo Galleries: The bulk of my photography is of concerts, especially folk musicians. For more than the quick portfolio view, I offer galleries of various artists at various solo shows, festivals, and events. This section will be continuously updated as I shoot new shows, and scan "old" ones. See what's available by viewing the Galleries list or looking at the Master List, covering all artists by gallery or in what event you will find them. You'll find some non-musical performers here, as well.

Websites are more than just an address on the Internet. They are the first and best resource about one's self, purpose, product, etc. that anyone can offer. Read about my approach to making strong sites which will set you apart and keep visitors coming back, and see some samples.