Claire Stansfield
24 January 1999/Santa Monica

Claire Stansfield is a force. And that isn't just because she stands tall at 6'1". A recent addition to the Xenaverse, she certainly has the stuff to be around for a good long while. Judging by the hints we got at the con, and the since viewed episode "Between the Lines", we will see Alti again. Claire's voice is not nearly as raspy as her character's...she reported that the speaking did take a toll on her. We also heard how the fight scenes can catch a new-to-the-Xenaverse actress off guard...All of the fights are rehearsed before filming ("they even do the backflips in rehearsal"). A goodthing, said Claire. But it did not leave her prepared for "Action!" when the extras added the yelling and screaming. Another tale was of the fight between Xena and Alti in "Adventures in the Sin Trade, 2" fought high in the trees. Since blue screen filming did not produce the desired effect, the actresses were strapped into harnesses and flying about the trees. As we can only imagine, and as Claire experienced first hand, when Lucy Lawless comes at ya full tilt, you better have something to back yourself up in the scene! Claire was asked about the heights of all the actresses. We all know that Lucy is 5'10.5"and Claire is 6'1"...did Renee seem small? No, according to Claire..she may appear small but she is so strong and carries herself in such a way that you don't notice it. All in all, Claire was captivating as her real self as the character of Alti has been on TV. Claire, we're glad, too, that Renaissance Pictures likes giving roles to strong, big women!
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1999 Hercules/Xena Convention, Santa Monica
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